Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Adam Lambert's best to date is his acoustic album"

"Adam's best to date is his acoustic album but he must make the image fit the music now." She also said "Adam will never have to be in a box. He is far too talented and brilliant. You are all preaching to the choir with me."

She also talked about the American Idol results. "When @adamlambert wasnt the winner" ~ I voted for him many times and I was FURIOUS when he lost."

She also compares Adam to Elton John. "There are similarities with Adam and Elton, I agree. I respect both of them tremendously."

As a fan, she is also concerned about his career. "@runawaysu I'm glad you feel that way about Adam. I am concerned for his future and he needs to focus." She continued, "Adam needs 2 get lucky with a couple of smash hits that stand the test of time."

"I have always said that I love Adam and want him to succeed forever"

-Nancy Sinatra (Frank Sinatra's daughter)

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